Not all people are the same. We get that. Not all resumes are the same. Not all employers are the same. Not all qualifications are the same. Not all requirements are the same.

Heroic Support

Not all heroes wear caps. In fact, many of ours wear black boots! At AMS, we’re always looking for incredible solutions for our clients. On occasion this requires jumping through a firey hoop or two. No sweat. We’ve got the lighting speed of Flash, Superman’s agility and a little superpower we like call ‘talent sync’.

Our unique approach to professional skills analysis and proprietary profile assessment tools take the guesswork out of hiring. Our process, based on scientific study and interpersonal indicators, generate accurate, well-rounded candidate overviews helping us to connect hiring managers with individuals who match their needs and culture – we make talent sync.



We’re not talking hats and tchotchkes here – we’re talking style, ‘tude, pizzazz! We’ve got mad placement, recruitment and people skills that get the right peeps in the right seats!

Our swagalicious ways are backed by our recruitment cred. Credentials that reserve us a place at the table but, we know we’re only as good as our last deal. That’s why we invite you to ask around – word on the street is we’re good – real good.

“SWAG Up” today by registering online or joining the conversation on our HR Speaks page!


We Get It

Hiring is a tough job. We’ve got you covered – drought or downpour – we know people. We’ve connected thousands of people based on the unique skills and drivers that really matter to an organization (and its people). We focus on finding people that fit, fast.

We get that you may not have the time or resources in-house to identify a highly select group of candidates to fit your organization – we’ll unbiasedly assess candidate skills against organizations needs and make connections only where we see appropriate “fit potential”.