You might be surprised to learn that we aren’t just looking for any client that comes knocking.

This is how AMS STiR …

In fact, we pick our clients as much as they pick us. That’s because we believe that for a partnership to work, there has to be a certain level of trust.

And, that can be tricky when you first meet us.

That’s because we are slightly irreverent, provocative, aggressively goal oriented, masters of debate, and contrarian. Yep, we’re all those things – guilty as charged.

But it’s only because we’re passionate about what we do, and we’ve seen what conformity can do to a brand – and it isn’t pretty.So if you’re looking for order taking, sycophantic lemmings – please don’t bother. However, if you want partners aligned with your passion that possess an unwavering commitment to kick ass and achieve the desired results, let’s do this!


An integrated agency-of-staffing solution is a compact and productive way to leverage the advantages of multiple disciplines, maximizing cost efficiencies, while working with the same agency team.

Each of our integrated minds brings its own distinctive style and approach (and interpretive talent hunting specialty) to developing holistic, purpose driven staffing solutions.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?